A new game for the new year!

2016 has arrived and we have been in full swing. January had us attending Indie Conquest in and Protospiel Minnesota in January to check out some amazing new prototypes from many indie designers. And February? February is all about LANDED. On Kickstarter from February 2nd through March 3rd, LANDED has two to four players in control of powerful terraforming companies on a newly reached planet. Play tiles to shape the land and fulfill contracts from your wealthy investors.

LANDED was designed by Marcin Zarycki and I first played it at Protospiel Milwaukee last year. I instantly fell in love with it's simple mechanics yet deep game play. The strategy and choices give depth and I love the push-your-luck element when deciding whether to fulfill a contract with a smaller patch of land for less points or wait another turn and hope someone doesn't swoop in from under me to grab it before I get a chance.

I love LANDED and I'm sure you will, too! Back us today on Kickstarter and be sure to leave a comment on the project page!