Twenty Twenty Twenty Four Hours To Go...

One more day until the Kickstarter launch for our first published game, Foodtown Throwdown on January 20th.  There's been some great feedback from the community on the overall look and feel of the campaign, and I thought I would highlight a few of the recent changes here. 

First, we've dropped the t-shirts as an add-on.  The reason for this is that they are not made already, which means we would have to raise the funding goal of the campaign to finance producing them and that obfuscates the purpose of the campaign - to fund the production run of the game itself.  The t-shirts will have to wait until we start preparing for convention season.  We are keeping the premium chef's jackets as an option since, unlike the shirts, those are made to order and don't require setup fees.  The pledge amounts from that backer level cover the costs to produce and ship the jackets.

The second big change this week is the reworking of the 5-player expansion.  This was originally planned as a separate product in a separate package.  The reason is that 105 cards is the upper limit of what we can have printed on two sheets from the manufacturer.  Adding enough cards to support a 5th or 6th player meant adding another sheet, which adds to production costs.  Making this a separate product would offset that price increase; players who wanted to add a 5th could buy the expansion and those who did not could save the money. 

What we changed this week was to simply make the 5th player expansion a stretch goal (the very first stretch goal) so it can be included in every copy of the core game at no extra cost to backers.  The original funding goal will cover the core, 105 card game while this new stretch goal will, if reached, give us enough funds to produce all 125 cards in one package.

We're looking forward to the launch of the Kickstarter and hope to reach that first stretch goal quickly so we can give every backer that complete experience!