Day One report

It's 10:00p.m. as I write this, 11 hours after we launched Foodtown on Kickstarter today.  What a day!  At the time of writing, we are 14% of the way to our funding goal.  I am hoping we can ride this momentum all the way to being fully funded.

I changed a few things around on the campaign page throughout the course of the day to make it more visually appealing.  The font used for the title of the game and on each of the cards does not have a lower case, and it was suggested that this came across a little "shouty" when used on the banners.  I shrank the letters after the first letter on many of the banners to give the impression of lower case and come across a little cleaner.

I also removed the infographic at the top of the page and replaced it with a close up image of several cards.  The focus of the campaign should show that the game was designed around humor and fun, and that comes across better when you can see the flavor of the cards and read the jokes on the bottom. 

This whole campaign has been a great learning experience and I'm excited to see how it goes over the course of the next couple weeks!