Community blog - Friends of Argyle Games

I wanted to take a moment away from talking about the Foodtown kickstarter to start a new monthly column and highlight some of the other great projects happening in the Indie board game community.  These projects are not run by Argyle Games but they are friends we want to see them succeed.

The Inquisitive Meeple website - I mentioned earlier this week that the Inquisitive Meeple did an interview with us about Foodtown Throwdown and now he has taken his designer and publisher interviews from a simple blog on Board Game Geek and launched a brand new, independent web site.

The Game Crafter - a print-on-demand resource for indie game designers and publishers, has two major announcements.  The first is a new feature they've launched called Crowd Sales.  The idea is simple - the more people buy a game the cheaper it becomes.  This is a great way for indies to get their games out in larger numbers without having to launch a crowdfunding campaign to finance it.

The other big news from TGC is the newly announced Crafter Con - a convention designed for game developers with panels about game design, publishing, and networking.

On Kickstarter this month is a game by indie designer Matthew Robinson of Broken Prism Games.  The game, called WYSIWYG: Among Thieves is on Kickstarter now. 

Here at Argyle Games we love indie designers and the indie community, and we hope you'll take a moment to check you some of these cool projects.