Gearing up for Kickstarter!

Our first kickstarter campaign starts in just over a week, and I am very nervous about it.  We'll be launching Foodtown Throwdown, our humorous food-truck-themed card game out into the world.  Prep work started back in October when we first created the page and since then it has been a long, exciting journey.  We've learned so much from talking to other creators, reading blogs, researching projects, and getting community feedback on our campaign page

The funding goal we've set for the campaign covers basic production and logistics of the game - getting the thing manufactured and shipped to all backers.  We wanted to keep manufacturing of the game simple so we could keep the minimum funding goal down.  If we exceed that goal we can upgrade the quality of the components, like going from standard cardstock to a nicer, linen-finished cardstock.  After a number of quotes from different manufacturers we decided to go with QPC, a company that specializes in cards and card games. 

It's been tough deciding what to offer in terms of different rewards for our backers, but in the end we decided to focus on the game itself.  We've considered a number of different promotional items like t-shirts and coffee mugs, but eventually we ended up back at the conclusion that we are trying to raise funding for the game and that should be our focus.

We hope you'll back our project on Kickstarter and help us fund the dream!