Getting Ready for Gen Con 2016!

We've got our Gen Con schedule finalized! Come join us throughout the weekend and be the first to play two upcoming games: Shut Up, Cat! and LFG.

Shut Up, Cat! 2-4 players, 20-25 minutes

Shut Up, Cat! is a dice allocation/deduction game where players are just trying to get a full night's sleep in spite of the cat (based on a true story). Players roll three dice and then pick two of them to use on their turn. The player uses these to chose which tiles to reveal on the board with each tile being a precious wink of sleep (a Z tile) or a disruption from the cat (a MEOW tile). The player then secretly replaces all revealed tiles in whatever order they choose, so you'll need to pay close attention while you try to deduce where the MEOWs are.

LFG - Looking For Group (working title), 4 players, 75-90 minutes

LFG is a co-operative deck building adventure game. Players take on the roles of a party of adventurers in a light fantasy dungeon crawl. Play as a tank, healer, or damage dealer and watch your health and threat as you fight monsters. Use your experience to gain new spells and abilities as you go on your quests but if you over-exert yourself you may find your deck full of fatigue. Successfully complete three quests and the party is triumphant, but if you lose 3 quests the party fails.

Our complete Gen Con demo schedule:

  • Thursday 4PM-5PM: Booth 2563 for a demo of Shut Up, Cat!
  • Friday 10AM-12PM: First Exposure Playtest Hall - Shut Up, Cat! and LFG demos
  • Friday 6PM-8PM: First Exposure Playtest Hall - Shut Up, Cat! and LFG demos
  • Saturday 12PM-2PM: First Exposure Playtest Hall - Shut Up, Cat! and LFG demos
  • Saturday 6PM-8PM: First Exposure Playtest Hall - Shut Up, Cat! and LFG demos

Stop by and say hi!


I love Protospiel events. They are a great way to get new game designs in front of play testers, designers, and publishers and really get some great feedback. They're the perfect place to find out not only what needs to be improved, but how to improve it. It was after Protospiel Michigan this year that we had an epiphany about Guild Quest and began turning into the great co-op game that it is now.

Protospiel Milwaukee this year introduced me to Marcin Zarycki and his area control game Landed. I knew right away that it was something that was going to press all the right buttons for me. I'm really excited to be able to publish Landed early next year and everyone I have introduced the game to has fallen in love with it.

This month we'll be taking a few things to Protospiel Madison looking for feedback on where they need to go to be publish-ready. I'm excited to be taking two new games from indie designers as well as copies of Guild Quest and Landed to get some eyes on those projects. Meeting new designers, making new connections, and getting valuable feedback make these Protospiel events priceless experiences.

Foodtown production update and new game announcement

We're back from Gen Con and things are trucking right along with Foodtown! There's been a short delay since we've upgraded all the expansion packaging from a simple foil wrap to an actual tuck box, but we're still on schedule for delivery. Very exciting stuff!

While we were at Gen Con we were showing off a new game - Guild Quest. Guild Quest is a co-operative deck building adventure card game where players work together to complete 3 randomly drawn quests in order to win the game. The game plays out over a series of boss fights with players taking on the roles of tank, healer, or damage dealer in a fantasy setting. Playing your cards right earns you experience which is used to gain new spells and abilities for your deck or new loot for the monster to drop. We had a great time running demos at Gen Con and the game received an overwhelmingly positive reception. We'll be commissioning art soon, so keep your eyes peeled on social media for teasers as we get them.

And speaking of social media, we're now on instagram!