Summer '17 Update!

Landed has finally arrived! Copies are now shipping and are available from our store and from Amazon. If you order your copy through Amazon, you can even get free shipping with your Amazon Prime membership!

Shut Up, Cat! is entering the final stages of graphic design and prototypes will be shipping to reviewers soon. More info on the fall Kickstarter launch coming soon, but I am really excited about this game. It's so simple and yet there's just the right amount of depth in the strategy and deduction that makes me want to play it over and over again.

Group Up is still getting new art and I can't wait to show off more of it. We've been working on this one for a long, long time (those of you who played it at Gen Con in 2015 know what I mean)!

Speaking of Gen Con, we're not going to be in the First Exposure Playtest Hall this year as we have been for the last few years. We're working hard on getting Shut Up, Cat! and Group Up ready to go and need to focus on getting them finalized. We will be at the show wandering the halls, however, and look forward to playing many new games and meeting you there!


Getting Ready for Gen Con 2016!

We've got our Gen Con schedule finalized! Come join us throughout the weekend and be the first to play two upcoming games: Shut Up, Cat! and LFG.

Shut Up, Cat! 2-4 players, 20-25 minutes

Shut Up, Cat! is a dice allocation/deduction game where players are just trying to get a full night's sleep in spite of the cat (based on a true story). Players roll three dice and then pick two of them to use on their turn. The player uses these to chose which tiles to reveal on the board with each tile being a precious wink of sleep (a Z tile) or a disruption from the cat (a MEOW tile). The player then secretly replaces all revealed tiles in whatever order they choose, so you'll need to pay close attention while you try to deduce where the MEOWs are.

LFG - Looking For Group (working title), 4 players, 75-90 minutes

LFG is a co-operative deck building adventure game. Players take on the roles of a party of adventurers in a light fantasy dungeon crawl. Play as a tank, healer, or damage dealer and watch your health and threat as you fight monsters. Use your experience to gain new spells and abilities as you go on your quests but if you over-exert yourself you may find your deck full of fatigue. Successfully complete three quests and the party is triumphant, but if you lose 3 quests the party fails.

Our complete Gen Con demo schedule:

  • Thursday 4PM-5PM: Booth 2563 for a demo of Shut Up, Cat!
  • Friday 10AM-12PM: First Exposure Playtest Hall - Shut Up, Cat! and LFG demos
  • Friday 6PM-8PM: First Exposure Playtest Hall - Shut Up, Cat! and LFG demos
  • Saturday 12PM-2PM: First Exposure Playtest Hall - Shut Up, Cat! and LFG demos
  • Saturday 6PM-8PM: First Exposure Playtest Hall - Shut Up, Cat! and LFG demos

Stop by and say hi!