Summer '17 Update!

Landed has finally arrived! Copies are now shipping and are available from our store and from Amazon. If you order your copy through Amazon, you can even get free shipping with your Amazon Prime membership!

Shut Up, Cat! is entering the final stages of graphic design and prototypes will be shipping to reviewers soon. More info on the fall Kickstarter launch coming soon, but I am really excited about this game. It's so simple and yet there's just the right amount of depth in the strategy and deduction that makes me want to play it over and over again.

Group Up is still getting new art and I can't wait to show off more of it. We've been working on this one for a long, long time (those of you who played it at Gen Con in 2015 know what I mean)!

Speaking of Gen Con, we're not going to be in the First Exposure Playtest Hall this year as we have been for the last few years. We're working hard on getting Shut Up, Cat! and Group Up ready to go and need to focus on getting them finalized. We will be at the show wandering the halls, however, and look forward to playing many new games and meeting you there!



I love Protospiel events. They are a great way to get new game designs in front of play testers, designers, and publishers and really get some great feedback. They're the perfect place to find out not only what needs to be improved, but how to improve it. It was after Protospiel Michigan this year that we had an epiphany about Guild Quest and began turning into the great co-op game that it is now.

Protospiel Milwaukee this year introduced me to Marcin Zarycki and his area control game Landed. I knew right away that it was something that was going to press all the right buttons for me. I'm really excited to be able to publish Landed early next year and everyone I have introduced the game to has fallen in love with it.

This month we'll be taking a few things to Protospiel Madison looking for feedback on where they need to go to be publish-ready. I'm excited to be taking two new games from indie designers as well as copies of Guild Quest and Landed to get some eyes on those projects. Meeting new designers, making new connections, and getting valuable feedback make these Protospiel events priceless experiences.