The road to relaunch

We're getting ready to relaunch Foodtown on Kickstarter on May 12th and I thought I would go over some of the changes from the previous campaign. First, we've lowered the production goal to a small run of only 500 units. This allows us to lower the initial funding goal to $5,800. Thanks to a new manufacturing partner which offers more transparency in their initial quotes, I can feel confident that this cost will include shipping, freight, customs fees, etc with no surprises at the end (which is why it's so close to our original goal for a 1500 unit run - that was full of surprise fees).

We've also changed the reward structure to focus on simply producing the game. We like special editions, really, but for this project we want to just get the game into your hands without having to worry about producing a lot of extra content. We might do another edition with some promotional goodies - bottle openers or magnets, that sort of thing - at a couple dollars extra for those generous backers who want to support us further, but the game will remain the same.

We're also adding more to the page itself. In the works now is a quick how-to-play video, and already completed is a mod for the PC game Tabletop Simulator which includes the full card game. The print-and-play version will be brought back online so potential backers can try the game out on their computers or with their own physical version. Two more independent third-party reviews are in the works, and all the media - the podcasts and interviews - that came out in the middle of the last campaign are up at the start of this one.

We've got more confidence, a better business sense, and a great little quirky game to share with everything. See you on the 12th!