An update on Foodtown

Foodtown was at 91% and climbing on the last day on Kickstarter, so what happened?  Well, the final week of the campaign ran into some problems relating to the manufacturing process and international shipping.  I tried furiously to get things sorted out but it became clear that the way we were trending would have hit the original goal but it wouldn't quite have been enough to cover these hiccups, which means the project wouldn't have been able to be delivered on time and on budget.

What's next?  Well, a couple of things.  We're going to re-launch the project in about 8-12 weeks (details will be announced as soon as they are final.)  In the mean time we're looking into different solutions for both manufacturing and fulfillment to make sure we can deliver as promised.  We've sent out quote requests for 3 additional potential manufacturing partners and more fulfillment services to get shipping taken care of.  The upshot?  We should be able to deliver the game at the same price but offer cheaper shipping for most international backers, particularly in Canada and the UK.  This is good!

This also gives us more time to get some additional media.  More reviews, more interviews, more blogs, more podcasts, and more food trucks!  Kickstarter is a game of momentum, and we want to have a big launch this time around to keep that momentum up throughout the campaign.  We've done more research, more prep work, and more marketing and we hope you'll return to back us again on the new launch.