We are now accepting submissions for publication!  We're looking for a few new games to publish later in 2015 and throughout 2016.  If you've got a game you're ready to pitch, contact us using the form below.  There are a few things to keep in mind before submitting your game design:

  • Send us your elevator pitch.  Tell us what kind of game it is, the theme, how many players, and a brief overview of the game play.  It should be about 1 or 2 paragraphs.
  • It should be a completed game, not just an idea.
  • List the total components needed.  We just need the totals.  (e.g. if your game has 60 wooden cubes, just say "60 cubes" and not "15 blue cubes, 15 red cubes...")
  • If we're interested, we'll ask for a copy of the rules.  If we like the rules and like the game, we'll ask for a prototype.
  • You can also arrange to meet us in person to demo the game at a number of conventions.

Right now we would like to focus on games with lighter theme that can be played in an hour or less.  We'd love to take a look at more co-op games, games with a bit of humor, or games that offer players different paths to success. 

Some things we're NOT interested in:

  • CCG/TCGs
  • Educational games
  • Licensed games
  • Twists/variations on existing games
  • Abstract games/themes
  • Games that require tons of custom dice

What you can expect if we agree to publish your game:

  • We'll be in contact with the manufacturers to setup production of the game
  • We'll hire the artists and graphic designers to bring the project to life
  • We'll run the crowd funding campaign and handle fulfillment
  • We'll get your game on retail shelves
  • We'll take your game to every convention we attend
Name *
A description of your game, number of players, time to play, and a list of components.